Road to be a doctor in Germany II

Hallo Kollegen,

Kali ini mau Sharing tentang Fachsprachprüfung. Untuk menjadi dokter berlisensi resmi untuk praktek di Jerman memerlukan dua Ujian bagi dokter dari negara di luar Jerman dan Uni-Eropa. Kali ini mau sharing sedikit tentang Ujian Fachsprachprüfung. Ujian ini berbeda-beda tiap bagian sesuai dengan daerah tempat tinggal di Jerman. Dasarnya kita mendapat 3 bagian untuk anamnesa Pasien, menulis surat Dokter, dan menjelaskan Pasien ke Kollege lain. Untuk lulus ujian ini ditekankan mempunyai bahasa Jerman dengan level C1 dan kemampuan medis dasar sebagai dokter umum. Selain itu khusus di tempat Saya, ditanyakan 5 bahasa latin Medis dan harus kita jelaskan/artikan ke dalam penggunaan bahasa Jerman sehari-hari. 
Pada Saat ujian bagian pertama, Saya mendapatkan pasien (Dokter yang menyamar jadi pasien), lalu memulai Anamnesa. Di Jerman, ada format Anamnesa seperti dari keluhan utama sampai ke Anamnese sosial. Lalu kita buat diagnosa dan diagnosa banding.  Memulai Tahap kedua, kit…

Road to be a doctor in Germany

Pada saat Blog ini dibuat untuk membantu dokter umum di Indonesia yg ingin melanjutkan spesialisasi di Jerman. Saya sadar kita minim sekali informasi sehingga harus mengumpulkan informasi satu sama lain. Untuk itulah guna saya membuat blog ini supaya bisa memberikan Informasi.

Saat mendapatkan STR (Surat Tanda Registrasi) sebagai Dokter Indonesia adalah hari yang paling membingungkan dalam hidup.  Jujur saya belum tahu, mau ngapain ya setelah lulus jadi dokter. Mendaftar spesialiasi? Bekerja di Rumah Sakit? Ambil Magister? Terus mau jadi spesialis apa? Saat sekolah, Saya selalu ingin menjadi dokter spesialis kulit. Kemudian Saat internship, Saya kok lebih tertarik jadi penyakit dalam. Pernah juga bahkan berpikir jadi dokter di Klinik Kecantikan atau ambil Magister Manajemen Rumah Sakit. Dan akhirnya diawali dengan ketidakyakinan sampai lah Saya di Jerman.

Pengalaman pertama saya kenal bahasa Jerman adalah di Goethe Institut Jakarta. Saya les disana sampai A2 kira-kira 6 bulan selama Say…

Short Trip in Leipzig, Germany

Back to write again while lately they are so many bad issues arguing about streaming film in Deutschland. Well yeah, sadly I can not watch the next episode of Korean's movie. I am currently living in Germany. No, this is not emotional story about living as a student in other countries but the city in Germany that I have chance to visit. Leipzig will be honor be a first city that I post LOL
Leipzigis the largest city in the federal State of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. First time I reach Leipzig within 50 minutes from my city, Halle. Then, I arrive in Leipzig Hauptbahnhof ( Central Station), I walk short time around this place while I was waiting my friend. This is the main central station in Leipzig. After that, you can walk to centrum. There will be a lot of things to buy and many restaurants worth to try. You can try Hans im Gluck (A Burger Restaurant which is famous in Germany) and Mekong Restaurant for Asian taste (try their Pho number 51). Things to see in there are Nikolai Church, …

EUROPE TRIP! Openning My Mind

Hey ho! Welcome to my first page in 2016. It has been long time since last travel page on my blog. I'm so sorry for last page in Malang which I could not finish it. Read the title for this first post! I try to make a complete post about my trip and why I write like that in the title. First, I never imagine that my Europe trip had already happened. One day my mom told me that I might complete all requirements for making visa. Then, all the preparation started.
I'm sorry guys that I couldn't share about preparation for making Schengen visa (European visa for Indonesian) because I'd use travel agent for taking care. I've just collected my passport, copy of birth certificate, letter from office, letter from my aunt as sponsor letter, copy of her passport, copy of my civilization card, copy of family card registration, travel insurance, and photo. Then, tomorrow I would visit Netherlands Ambassador for collecting the requirements and being interviewed. Ten days waiting…

Welcome To Malang! Where will you go? [Part I]

Hey ho readers, coming back to new post about my full short holiday escape? Why I did wrote like this? I don't know what type of person I am. Sometimes, I felt so tired when came to a holiday. WHY? just because my curiosity coming for many new place in new city. That's why I want to visit many places as many as I can. I thought, there were so many place that I came during 3 days in Malang. Well, as I could take a beautiful pictures. Its okay then :) Lets go to read my new post about Malang,  East Java, Indonesia.
The idea that I went to this place appeared two months before because I've failed plan in Idul Fitri holiday. Oh, come on, I  can work hard if there's no achievement behind that. So, I decided to go a new place that I've seen and fell in Bromo Mountain to see sunrise. So, I searched the tour in Instagram and found a recommendation from my friend taking local tour named Ritz Adventure. I asked about the price for tour 400K and the ticket 250K for economic …


Welcoming May, the month which is has many public holidays. What do you do on holiday? Back hometown, escape to new place, or still on duty? LOLL. I've chance to visit Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia with other staff who worked with me during this internsip. Seriously, I've never planned anything to go to new place because this internsip would be held during a year. Internsip not internship ^^v is a government's programer for after graduation doctor. I decided to choose Jakarta as my place to do it, hmm seem bored place but still safe place. Okay, stop to talk about my job because this is holiday time. Just had 3 days two night at Medan, fiuhh It would be tired in there. I've just pay Rp 2.300.000,00 for this trip and here what I got. 
After landing in Kuala Namu, Medan airport, this is good place and the coolest airport in Indonesia that I've ever seen. The place was far from the city, so took one-two hours to arrive at Medan. We had to get some dinner in the fam…